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Monday, December 08, 2003
December 2002

6th December 02
zzz…………zzz………..zzz……… PUBLIC HOLIDAY man =P

13th December 02
The “Sunday-School” Worship led by Wai Nyan was splendid!! And the puppet show…. Haha…. Was hilariously HILARIOUS. We were indeed a mad bunch of little kids today. Besides learning a few bible stories, we were reminded to have a childlike faith

20th December 02
After singing some carol songs, we started off with the “blanket game” and went on to play “charades”. We had a “makan-makan” session after the games. No only we had a great time of fellowship today, most of us returned home with happy stomachs.

27th December 02
Year-end evaluation and thanksgiving!!! Bye-bye 2002 and well 2003, here we come =) May we advance with greater zeal and passion of God and His people….. God bless & Happy New Year………..!!!!!!

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January 2003

Not available

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February 2003

Not available

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March 2003

7th March 03
Today was the launch of the CF theme. A multimedia presentation was carried out for the new CF theme which is JUST C.H.I.L.L!,
This was followed by the launching of the website. President Wai Nyan gave a brief explanation and where we CFians are heading to this whole year.

14th March 03
ICE-CREAM Party!! We had a tremendously enjoyable time at CF today. A special team from US, called New Dawn, presented our CF with a time of singing, drama and various testimonies. CF had to be moved to LT4 because of the overwhelming response. Praise God!

21st March 03
CF started a series based on the CF theme which would run over the course of 4 weeks. Today’s first session on Jesus was conducted by Dr. Goh, and he emphasized that we should grow spiritually ourselves first before we can impact others. AMEN!!

28th March 03
Into the second series of the four, what was mainly spoken was on the characteristics of Jesus in relation with Zaccheus. Worship went on as usual followed by announcements about the coming week, particularly where DOULOS would be making their appearance.

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April 2003

4th April 03
Today we had three very special visitors from the OM Ships presentation team! Mena, Stacey and Elena from Doulos presented the CF with a dance, a skit as well as 2 slideshows. It was quite interesting to hear their experiences of living on board a ship and also to have the opportunity of traveling the world preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. What a nice combination!

11th April 03
Cf today was great. We had a wonderful session of praise and worship, God’s presence was definitely in LT2 today! Pastor Sivin Kit spoke on Jesus and the Samaritan woman... and ask if its anything we learnt from Pastor Sivin’s message today, you just have to ask for someone else’s fries… they break all barriers!!!

18th April 03
Good Friday today! Worship was led by Wai Nyan, and each song kept reminding us of the price Jesus paid so that we can live with Him for eternity. New Dawn made a special appearance, this time with one extra member! It was absolutely fantastic! They performed a number of songs as well as a skit, and after that we broke up into smaller groups to discuss among ourselves what Good Friday really meant to us.

25th April 03
Alrighty then. We’re at the last week of CF for the month of April and it is the week of the ADP finals. Although CF was expected to be a much smaller group today, quite a healthy number of CFers still came! Hooray and God bless their faithful hearts! After a time of worship, there was a time of post-Easter reflection, led by none other than our wonderful prez – Wai Nyan! This post-Easter reflection was divided into personal reflection and group discussion. The CFers broke up into 4 groups to discuss 3 questions posed by Wai Nyan: 1) What does Easter mean to me? 2) What strikes or appeals to me most about Easter? 3) Now that I know what Easter means to me, what should my response be? As group members shared with each other, a number of interesting answers were revealed!

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May 2003

9th May 03
Today we had a very special speaker – Pastor Christopher Rao! The topic was on the life of Jesus, and how His life of was so anointed because of prayer. We learnt about obstacles that kept us from praying (e.g. FaLLiNg Asleep!), how to turn to God in prayer in times of crisis as well as if we pray continuously God will reveal Himself to us. In conclusion, all of us should take time to pray, because if not, we will never discover what it is all about.

16th May 03
As the CF progressed into this month’s theme on prayer, it was a really busy day for our very own Prayer Coordinator, Siew Ju Li! She had to worship lead, prepare the group discussion material for today’s CF meeting, AND facilitate the session for group discussion. The CFers were divided into four groups and they were given a list of things to do, such as find versus in the bible with the word “pray”, answer questions regarding men and women of prayer in the bible, search for the text where versus were quoted, and find an original acronym for the word “PRAY”. It was an interesting session, and hopefully the CFers managed to learn something out of it.

23rd May 03
We had quite an interesting session today. The speaker was a Mr Yong Ern, and he started out the session by separating us into groups of 5, and then giving each group either clock, handphone, incense, book and a newspaper. The groups had to say a few things on how the object given could be related to communication with God. He then taught us how to study Paul’s prayer for the Colossians, which he ended by asking us this question, “Will we learn to pray more consistently, seeking for His will, seeking to please and to live a life worthy of the Lord?”

30th May 03
8 hours prayer day non-stop no joke man… hehe but it was fantastic. God really moved in awesome way today. During the CF session, Junita led us in a wonderful time of worship as the Holy Spirit moved among us. We started out praying for ourselves, our friends, as well as our loved ones around us before praying for HELP, the college itself and also the admin, lecturers and students. The CF then prayed as one for the churches in Malaysia, the non-believers as well as their families, the Malaysian government and many more before Ju Li, the prayer coordinator closed us with prayer. It was really enjoyable for all those who came, everyone was truly blessed.

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June 2003

6th June 03
Today we started out on the first of the C.H.I.L.L series. Dr. Goh spoke on how we could impact lives in college, and have fun while doing this. He gave us the introduction and prayer the way for the upcoming sessions that would be held in the weeks to come. All of us were left with much anticipation of what would be happening, and the only way most of the CFers could think of temporarily quenching the curiosity was in a McDs milkshake and large fries :P

13th June 03
Continuing with month’s theme, CF had an interesting forum today on how we can impact the lives of our fellow students through our studies. Special guest speakers Dr. Goh, John Chia and Khoo Hsien Ling were present to enlighten the students on some “tried and tested” method that have proved to be really useful, such as paying full attention class, sitting in front to set a good example, using neat filing systems etc etc. As Christians, we should also readily share our knowledge with our classmates who are non-believers, because by doing so we can share our knowledge about Jesus!

20th June 03
We had quite an interesting session today. The speaker spoke on how we could continue to C.H.I.L.L in college through our conduct. As much as one thinks that college is a time to explore oneself and to bring out the “inner me”, we have to conduct ourselves in a way that mirrors Jesus, because how we act now will affect how we are like in the future. It was interesting to hear of the speaker’s own personal experiences when she was in college, e.g how her boyfriend (now husband) never looked at pictures of other girls. Also, when you are faced to make a decision up front without thinking, that’s when your true colors will show. Hmmm… interesting…

27th June 03
Today was when we put our talking into “action”. CF had a workshop today to appreciate the people behind the scenes that were coordinating HELP, the “unsung heroes”. CFers were divided into several groups that were in charge of making little notes of appreciating for the administrative staff, bursary workers, security guards, lab assistants and so on. We made cards, bookmarks (in BM!!) from scratch, while having much fun in the progress!

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July 2003

4th July 03
Dr. Goh’s pal, Ong Kian Meng spoke on war and the bible today. He told us the pros and cons of war and of course took one of the best examples we could ever use – the Iraq war. We had a good time listening to him and later stuffed ourselves with the Ol’ McDonalds meal.

11th July 03
Today – an interesting topic from a lecturer with an interesting name. Dr. Living Lee, a lecturer from UM spoke… or rather shared on science and the bible. He showed us the difference between the living Word and science. He said the source of the scripture itself is divine revelation and the source of science is natural deduction. It was also wonderful to hear the bible has a general and timeless language and that nothing in the bible is untrue. Every prophecy stated is being fulfilled until today.

18th July 03
The Other Side of Heaven. This was what we watched today…… haha YES, it’s movie day! This story is based on a true story about a missionary going out evangelizing to those who don’t know Christ. We did not have popcorn *unfortunately* coz’ Charis did not get any… (*blame her!!*) haha joking… the movie was quite a good one – inspiring except the fact that the missionary was a mormon. But Jon said don’t focus on that. Just go and spread the Word of God to those who don’t know and impact lives.

25th July 03
Dr. Goh took our today. He taught us the different faces of love from the book of Hosea. We studied the amazingly interesting background of Hosea and the organization of the book. With this, the 1st part of Dr. Goh’s teaching on the book of Hosea is done. Yep, there are other parts. The 4 faces of love as stated by Dr. Goh is relationship – love that holds, betrayal – love that is broken, judgment – love that is firm and restoration – love that forgives. How wonderful is our Lord Almighty! How high are His thoughts compared to ours. After Cf, the ever striving leaders (the committee) went for their retreat to plan for the next half of the year.

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August 2003

1st August 03
Treasure hunt day. We extended Cf until 2:30pm because of the theasure hunt organized by our very own cunning and brilliant committee. Wai Nyan divided the entire Cf into 3 separate groups and sent us out to search for clues he planted throughout the whole main block from the lower foyer to CPA and from McD’s to 7-11. Ee Lane’s group won this hunt. Difficult, but fun fun fun!

8th August 03
Hosea 2. Yep, the second part of Hosea. Dr. Goh talked about the unfaithfulness of Isreal, the judgment and the punishment Isreal received, and God’s love, invitation and restoration in the end. Hee said that being Christian is a daily decision we have to make – taking our cross daily to follow Jesus. Take up this challenge and live for the King!

15th August 03
Did we have Cf??? – NOPE – We had a camp. [Hurrah!!] yep, the Cf camp. About 35 happening Cf’ers went up to Peacehaven, Genting Highlands on the 15th to the 17th of August to spend 3 days and 2 nights just focusing on Jesus and to fellowship. Not to mention to also have loads of laughter and fun. Pastor Sivin and the committee had put in, the comp was surely a good experience. We came back to K.L in the evening after lunch. To the camp comm, Well done!

22nd August 03
it was a testimony day – after camp mar… we got a few people to share about their experiences with God in camp or even throughout the whole year. Wai Nyan, our wonderful prez started the ball rolling and picked Joshua Nah to continue sharing. Melissa was next followed by Justin, Ee Mei, Ivan, Li Fern and Kenny. Junita, the young lady with the beautiful voice shared last. Everyone who shared definitely was blessed at camp.

29th August 2003
Worship – It’s what we were made for. Worship day… started at 9:00am and was led be our very own “nightingale” – Junita, the worship coordinator. Other worship leaders – Wai Nyan and Jamie took turns to lead worship after her until 12:00 noon. The number of Cf members who attended this meeting was good. At 12:30pm many other Cfers came pouring into the room at KPD Level 1. We had a powerful time of worship. Junita also shared a little about worship and how we should worship. She said – Worship is not part of our lives, it is your life. It is an in-built need for humans. So, who are you worshipping?

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September 2003

Not available

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