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Monday, December 08, 2003
October 2003

Not available

Posted at 10:47 am by Helpcf
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November 2003

7th November 03
Government, Politics and Patriotism was the topic of discussion today. The CF committee invited John Chung and Dr. Goh Chee Leong to chat in a forum and Siew Ju Li was the chairperson for this forum. Many wonderful questions were asked such as how should our attitudes as Christians should be towards this topic – government, politics and patriotism. It was interesting to know that we should know about our country and the people around us to evangelize. We handle politics in our everyday life whether we like it or not and politics is of our concern. John Chung is from an opposition party and he stated that there is a need for an opposition party in order that the government doesn’t do things as they like. May our attitudes towards these issues change as we work to become like Christ, to change the world!

14th November 03
Today was cool. We had a brief, interesting and informative activity by Charis. After Phooi Wah made the announcements, we were divided into groups. Each group was then given magazines and blank paper. We were asked to make a collage based on the questions given such as what does the world think is important to us today and what the world thinks is needed to be successful. We were also given the commandments to relate to all that we’ve stated about the world. We shared about how different the world would be if the commandments given by God were obeyed.

21st November 03
Michael William came over from FES to talk about Friendship Evangelism today. What a sharing! The gospel is telling people who God is and showing people who Jesus Christ is. We also were told that salt is not salty unless it has contact with H20. He also explained the functions of the prophet and priest. The prophet hears God and tells people what God says but the priest hears the world and tells God, he shows people the way to God and doesn’t argue or get stuck in petty arguments about God. He asks the people to experience God and he prays for them. We are called the Royal Priesthood not Royal Prophet-hood. So, go and make the difference as now you’ve known….!!!

28th November 03
Junita started the pulse of the Christmas spirit in us today by leading us into a time of an awesome ‘Carol worship’. Our favorite ‘carol turned worship song’ was Christmas isn’t Christmas. The lyrics was so meaningful! Dr. Goh then came in to share about giving. He addressed the issue of a special and meaningful Christmas every year, all year round. He shared on true giving. Start giving from your heart today! Get ready for Christmas…. =) Enjoy!

Posted at 10:49 am by Helpcf
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December 2003

5th December 03
We had a wonderful, anointed and powerful worship today though the numbers in CF was small. It shows that God is always with us and the numbers of CFers never matter. Jon made Cf very interesting by having a bible study on Abraham. We were separated into two groups – Phek Kin taking one and Jon the other. We learnt about obedience and God as our provider. We also learnt that faith has to come hand in hand with actions. As we dug deep into the Living Word, we were asked also to reflect on the challenges or tests that God is giving in our lives right now. May we grow even more when we carve the Word of God on our hearts.

12th December 03
Practice… practice and more practice for the Christmas Project

13th December 03 (The Christmas Project)
We went for a trip to a Child Care center and we had a good time playing with the kids feeding them, praying for them and just having fun with them. We spent a few hours there before heading of for home. We are so blessed.

20th December 03
Partae!!! Oh yea… just pure makan and yak… yak… yak… all the way..

26th December 03
Holiday.. Merry Christmas everyone… Buh Bye 2003 and hello 2004.

Posted at 10:49 am by Helpcf
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Friday, January 02, 2004
January 2004

Not available

Posted at 12:50 pm by Helpcf
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