Entry: March 2003 Monday, December 08, 2003

7th March 03
Today was the launch of the CF theme. A multimedia presentation was carried out for the new CF theme which is JUST C.H.I.L.L!,
This was followed by the launching of the website. President Wai Nyan gave a brief explanation and where we CFians are heading to this whole year.

14th March 03
ICE-CREAM Party!! We had a tremendously enjoyable time at CF today. A special team from US, called New Dawn, presented our CF with a time of singing, drama and various testimonies. CF had to be moved to LT4 because of the overwhelming response. Praise God!

21st March 03
CF started a series based on the CF theme which would run over the course of 4 weeks. Today’s first session on Jesus was conducted by Dr. Goh, and he emphasized that we should grow spiritually ourselves first before we can impact others. AMEN!!

28th March 03
Into the second series of the four, what was mainly spoken was on the characteristics of Jesus in relation with Zaccheus. Worship went on as usual followed by announcements about the coming week, particularly where DOULOS would be making their appearance.


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