Entry: April 2003 Monday, December 08, 2003

4th April 03
Today we had three very special visitors from the OM Ships presentation team! Mena, Stacey and Elena from Doulos presented the CF with a dance, a skit as well as 2 slideshows. It was quite interesting to hear their experiences of living on board a ship and also to have the opportunity of traveling the world preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. What a nice combination!

11th April 03
Cf today was great. We had a wonderful session of praise and worship, God’s presence was definitely in LT2 today! Pastor Sivin Kit spoke on Jesus and the Samaritan woman... and ask if its anything we learnt from Pastor Sivin’s message today, you just have to ask for someone else’s fries… they break all barriers!!!

18th April 03
Good Friday today! Worship was led by Wai Nyan, and each song kept reminding us of the price Jesus paid so that we can live with Him for eternity. New Dawn made a special appearance, this time with one extra member! It was absolutely fantastic! They performed a number of songs as well as a skit, and after that we broke up into smaller groups to discuss among ourselves what Good Friday really meant to us.

25th April 03
Alrighty then. We’re at the last week of CF for the month of April and it is the week of the ADP finals. Although CF was expected to be a much smaller group today, quite a healthy number of CFers still came! Hooray and God bless their faithful hearts! After a time of worship, there was a time of post-Easter reflection, led by none other than our wonderful prez – Wai Nyan! This post-Easter reflection was divided into personal reflection and group discussion. The CFers broke up into 4 groups to discuss 3 questions posed by Wai Nyan: 1) What does Easter mean to me? 2) What strikes or appeals to me most about Easter? 3) Now that I know what Easter means to me, what should my response be? As group members shared with each other, a number of interesting answers were revealed!


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