Entry: May 2003 Monday, December 08, 2003

9th May 03
Today we had a very special speaker – Pastor Christopher Rao! The topic was on the life of Jesus, and how His life of was so anointed because of prayer. We learnt about obstacles that kept us from praying (e.g. FaLLiNg Asleep!), how to turn to God in prayer in times of crisis as well as if we pray continuously God will reveal Himself to us. In conclusion, all of us should take time to pray, because if not, we will never discover what it is all about.

16th May 03
As the CF progressed into this month’s theme on prayer, it was a really busy day for our very own Prayer Coordinator, Siew Ju Li! She had to worship lead, prepare the group discussion material for today’s CF meeting, AND facilitate the session for group discussion. The CFers were divided into four groups and they were given a list of things to do, such as find versus in the bible with the word “pray”, answer questions regarding men and women of prayer in the bible, search for the text where versus were quoted, and find an original acronym for the word “PRAY”. It was an interesting session, and hopefully the CFers managed to learn something out of it.

23rd May 03
We had quite an interesting session today. The speaker was a Mr Yong Ern, and he started out the session by separating us into groups of 5, and then giving each group either clock, handphone, incense, book and a newspaper. The groups had to say a few things on how the object given could be related to communication with God. He then taught us how to study Paul’s prayer for the Colossians, which he ended by asking us this question, “Will we learn to pray more consistently, seeking for His will, seeking to please and to live a life worthy of the Lord?”

30th May 03
8 hours prayer day non-stop no joke man… hehe but it was fantastic. God really moved in awesome way today. During the CF session, Junita led us in a wonderful time of worship as the Holy Spirit moved among us. We started out praying for ourselves, our friends, as well as our loved ones around us before praying for HELP, the college itself and also the admin, lecturers and students. The CF then prayed as one for the churches in Malaysia, the non-believers as well as their families, the Malaysian government and many more before Ju Li, the prayer coordinator closed us with prayer. It was really enjoyable for all those who came, everyone was truly blessed.


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