Entry: June 2003 Monday, December 08, 2003

6th June 03
Today we started out on the first of the C.H.I.L.L series. Dr. Goh spoke on how we could impact lives in college, and have fun while doing this. He gave us the introduction and prayer the way for the upcoming sessions that would be held in the weeks to come. All of us were left with much anticipation of what would be happening, and the only way most of the CFers could think of temporarily quenching the curiosity was in a McDs milkshake and large fries :P

13th June 03
Continuing with month’s theme, CF had an interesting forum today on how we can impact the lives of our fellow students through our studies. Special guest speakers Dr. Goh, John Chia and Khoo Hsien Ling were present to enlighten the students on some “tried and tested” method that have proved to be really useful, such as paying full attention class, sitting in front to set a good example, using neat filing systems etc etc. As Christians, we should also readily share our knowledge with our classmates who are non-believers, because by doing so we can share our knowledge about Jesus!

20th June 03
We had quite an interesting session today. The speaker spoke on how we could continue to C.H.I.L.L in college through our conduct. As much as one thinks that college is a time to explore oneself and to bring out the “inner me”, we have to conduct ourselves in a way that mirrors Jesus, because how we act now will affect how we are like in the future. It was interesting to hear of the speaker’s own personal experiences when she was in college, e.g how her boyfriend (now husband) never looked at pictures of other girls. Also, when you are faced to make a decision up front without thinking, that’s when your true colors will show. Hmmm… interesting…

27th June 03
Today was when we put our talking into “action”. CF had a workshop today to appreciate the people behind the scenes that were coordinating HELP, the “unsung heroes”. CFers were divided into several groups that were in charge of making little notes of appreciating for the administrative staff, bursary workers, security guards, lab assistants and so on. We made cards, bookmarks (in BM!!) from scratch, while having much fun in the progress!


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