Entry: July 2003 Monday, December 08, 2003

4th July 03
Dr. Goh’s pal, Ong Kian Meng spoke on war and the bible today. He told us the pros and cons of war and of course took one of the best examples we could ever use – the Iraq war. We had a good time listening to him and later stuffed ourselves with the Ol’ McDonalds meal.

11th July 03
Today – an interesting topic from a lecturer with an interesting name. Dr. Living Lee, a lecturer from UM spoke… or rather shared on science and the bible. He showed us the difference between the living Word and science. He said the source of the scripture itself is divine revelation and the source of science is natural deduction. It was also wonderful to hear the bible has a general and timeless language and that nothing in the bible is untrue. Every prophecy stated is being fulfilled until today.

18th July 03
The Other Side of Heaven. This was what we watched today…… haha YES, it’s movie day! This story is based on a true story about a missionary going out evangelizing to those who don’t know Christ. We did not have popcorn *unfortunately* coz’ Charis did not get any… (*blame her!!*) haha joking… the movie was quite a good one – inspiring except the fact that the missionary was a mormon. But Jon said don’t focus on that. Just go and spread the Word of God to those who don’t know and impact lives.

25th July 03
Dr. Goh took our today. He taught us the different faces of love from the book of Hosea. We studied the amazingly interesting background of Hosea and the organization of the book. With this, the 1st part of Dr. Goh’s teaching on the book of Hosea is done. Yep, there are other parts. The 4 faces of love as stated by Dr. Goh is relationship – love that holds, betrayal – love that is broken, judgment – love that is firm and restoration – love that forgives. How wonderful is our Lord Almighty! How high are His thoughts compared to ours. After Cf, the ever striving leaders (the committee) went for their retreat to plan for the next half of the year.


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