Entry: August 2003 Monday, December 08, 2003

1st August 03
Treasure hunt day. We extended Cf until 2:30pm because of the theasure hunt organized by our very own cunning and brilliant committee. Wai Nyan divided the entire Cf into 3 separate groups and sent us out to search for clues he planted throughout the whole main block from the lower foyer to CPA and from McD’s to 7-11. Ee Lane’s group won this hunt. Difficult, but fun fun fun!

8th August 03
Hosea 2. Yep, the second part of Hosea. Dr. Goh talked about the unfaithfulness of Isreal, the judgment and the punishment Isreal received, and God’s love, invitation and restoration in the end. Hee said that being Christian is a daily decision we have to make – taking our cross daily to follow Jesus. Take up this challenge and live for the King!

15th August 03
Did we have Cf??? – NOPE – We had a camp. [Hurrah!!] yep, the Cf camp. About 35 happening Cf’ers went up to Peacehaven, Genting Highlands on the 15th to the 17th of August to spend 3 days and 2 nights just focusing on Jesus and to fellowship. Not to mention to also have loads of laughter and fun. Pastor Sivin and the committee had put in, the comp was surely a good experience. We came back to K.L in the evening after lunch. To the camp comm, Well done!

22nd August 03
it was a testimony day – after camp mar… we got a few people to share about their experiences with God in camp or even throughout the whole year. Wai Nyan, our wonderful prez started the ball rolling and picked Joshua Nah to continue sharing. Melissa was next followed by Justin, Ee Mei, Ivan, Li Fern and Kenny. Junita, the young lady with the beautiful voice shared last. Everyone who shared definitely was blessed at camp.

29th August 2003
Worship – It’s what we were made for. Worship day… started at 9:00am and was led be our very own “nightingale” – Junita, the worship coordinator. Other worship leaders – Wai Nyan and Jamie took turns to lead worship after her until 12:00 noon. The number of Cf members who attended this meeting was good. At 12:30pm many other Cfers came pouring into the room at KPD Level 1. We had a powerful time of worship. Junita also shared a little about worship and how we should worship. She said – Worship is not part of our lives, it is your life. It is an in-built need for humans. So, who are you worshipping?


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